Why You Should Visit Wajee

Wajee Nature Park is located approximately 130Km from Nairobi roughly a 2 hours drive from Nairobi depending on the mode of transport used. Having visited Wajee camp for a number of times, I must confess it’s among my favorite place to go camping.

How can you access Wajee Nature Park from Nairobi?

Through public means, get a matatu at Latema Road CBD that is heading towards Mukurweni.  Notify the driver to drop you at Wajee camp which is by the roadside. When using private or public means, it is advisable to use Muranga road which is less busy plus one will enjoy the landscape as you head to the camp.


Wajee Nature Park is strategically located between two major water towers in Kenya; Mt Kenya and The Aberdare Ranges (Nyandarua Mountains). The nature park hosts 10 hectares of mostly forest with some patches of grasslands. There are more than 130 species of birds which have been recorded including Palearctic migrants (birds which migrate during winter in Europe and Asia to Africa) and Intra-African migrants (birds which migrate within the continent of Africa).


Wajee is famous for hosting the Hindes Babbler. This is an endemic species to Kenya and the Nature Park has been a home for the species for years. Hindes Babblers are listed as endangered by the IUCN facing a high risk of extinction majorly because of habitat lose. Other rare wildlife sightings include the side-striped Jackal, honey badger ‘thegere’,common duiker and the African wood owl. To support conservation of rich flora and fauna within and outside the park visitors pays a small conservation fee that helps with environmental education in Mukurweini.

The staff at Wajee Nature Park are knowledgeable, supportive and always ready and willing to to provide information for the guests on an excursion or an overnight tour.


There is an establishment tour circuit near the Wajee Camp area that last between 3.5hrs to 5hrs. This is an exciting tour individuals or groups could look forward to. The circuit consist of; ‘Kamuma’; a small spring which sustains hundreds of neighboring homesteads with water even during the driest of months; a trip to a coffee farm, where all coffee processing details are explained from harvesting, drying to grading which are demonstrated by the coffee manager from Wajee; Njanjara Waterfall and Caves; and Kamuthanga Waterfalls which are about 300meters apart to spices up on the attractions.

The camp has a variety of accommodations from large groups to lone travelers and even families. Camping gear such as tents and mattresses are provided. Other facilities within the camp include a kitchen , self-contained guest rooms and bandas which have clean washrooms and hot water showers, all at an affordable price.


Guests can enjoy the night sky or bond via story-telling sessions and have discussions within the rounded bonfire place. The camp has a team building capacity on a leveled ground with swings for children ensuring the destination is a family friendly site. Wajee Camp is definitely a getaway from the busy town life during the weekends and holidays.


Other attractions include Zaina Falls in Aberdare National Park which lies between the two ridges and its beauty from a distances encourage. It is approximately 76km from Wajee camp The falls can be accessed via public means of transport from Mweiga State that is heading towards Ihururu-ini-ngooru route that leads to a Zaina Falls sign post, where you will meet the Kenya Forest Service rangers. The trekking to the entrance is approximately 7 Km away from where the public means ends. At the entrance to the park , the payment to the park is made through M-pesa and an additional cash at hand for two rangers who will be the guide. The hike to Zaina Falls starts from the top of a hill which is moderately easy even for younger kids from 9yrs and elderly. Just 75meters away is when one gets to see part of Zaina waterfall. The long awaited and anticipated natural beauty is bound to be captured by everyone using cameras and smartphones.


If you fear heights, it is recommended to approach the falls with caution or not at all because the height to where water falls became invisible especially after the rains. The feeling at the bottom of the falls is just breathtakingly healing similar to the Hot springs at Lake Bogoria. Wanderlusters are bound to go shirtless to feel the cool finest drops of water hit the skins . You are bound to leave Wajee Nature Camp and Zaina Falls richer in memories than you had before.

Be careful whom and what you make memories with. These last a lifetime. If you value them take them out.



Photo credits: Sidney Shema, Sally Gathunguri, Mjose Carlos, Vishal Joshi, Kelvin Githuki  and Martin Maya


4 thoughts on “Why You Should Visit Wajee

  1. Wa Mario July 17, 2018 / 6:50 pm

    Wajee Nature Park will never disappoint. In the day time excellent and slow pace birding within the compound’s nature trails; in the evening and night watch small nocturnal mammals coming from hiding dens looking for food. Stars gazing cool.
    Facilities standard.


  2. thisischechewinnie July 19, 2018 / 11:43 am

    Very true and well said. Wajee is a wonderful destination.


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